Our Story

Thanks for visiting The Jolt. We are a Columbus-based start-up that was founded by graduates from The Ohio State University. As a group of young business professionals, much of our lives revolve around our phone. We must balance work, the gym, and if we have enough time, our social lives. I’m sure you will agree. This hectic lifestyle takes a toll on our cell phone batteries.

We came up with The Jolt as an idea to make our lives easier and more efficient. Most portable chargers are uncomfortable to carry around and they always require you to bring your own cord. The Jolt is slim and is the size of your cell phone. It has built-in A/C prongs so it acts as a portable charger on the go, and a plugged-in charge when you’re sitting at your desk.

The 2 retractable cables were designed because we hated forgetting our cables and having to ask our co-workers to borrow one everyday. The retractable cables feature one for your iPhone, and the second is a micro-USB cord for your Android or another other micro-USB device.

The Jolt’s current team has grown to 11 members, ranging from customer service, to warehousing, to social media. If you have any questions, our CEO can be reached at

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